Islamabad [Pakistan]: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday warned Imran Khan of legal action for attempting to instigate a civil war in the country.

Shehbaz on Sunday termed Imran Khan’s Abbottabad speech “a conspiracy against Pakistan,” reported Geo News.

“The 220 million people of Pakistan, the Constitution, and the national institutions are not slaves to one person’s ego. Imran Niazi wants to enslave the masses, but we will not allow him to become the Hitler of Pakistan,” read the statement of Shehbaz Sharif.

“Imran Niazi lied a lot, but now he has to face the truth,” said Pakistan PM Shehbaz Sharif.

Shehbaz said those concocting a narrative against national institutions were the real Mir Jafars and Mir Sadiqs.

He equated Khan with Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq of today who wants to make Pakistan like Libya and Iraq, reported Geo News.

Mir Sadiq was a minister of Tipu Sultan of Mysore. In the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War in 1798-99, he betrayed Tipu Sultan during the siege of Srirangapatnam, paving the way for a British victory.

Mir Jafar served as the commander of the Bengal army under Siraj ud-Daulah, the Nawab of Bengal and betrayed him during the Battle of Plassey, paving way for British rule in India.

Shehbaz said that Imran Khan was “biting the same hand that fed him”.

Referring to Imran Khan’s speech during a rally in Abbottabad, Shehbaz said that the state of Pakistan, the Constitution, and national institutions were challenged today, therefore, legal action will be taken against the PTI chairman, reported Geo News.

Shehbaz further added that Imran Khan is not conspiring in politics, but he is hatching a conspiracy against Pakistan.

“Pakistan cannot be sacrificed on the basis of the ego, arrogance, and lies of one person. First, Imran Niazi conspired to drown Pakistan’s economy and now he is trying to trigger a civil war,” the statement said. “The government will crush Imran Niazi’s conspiracy to cause a civil war in the country”.

Earlier, in a rally at Abbottabad, Khan turned his guns toward PM Shehbaz Sharif, claiming that he was a “beggar, servant, and a thief,” reported Geo News.

“The lies that Sharif family have told, I have not seen anyone spread such lies ever before,” claimed Imran Khan.

He added that when the imported government came to power, the prices of all goods increased, reported Geo News.

Khan also requested the media to go to shops and ask about the prices of ghee like they used to do when he was in power.

The former PM said that the value of the US dollar against the Pakistani rupee increases when stolen money is sent abroad, adding that ever since the new government assumed power, the rupee’s value has been decreasing, reported Geo News.