We have heard about a lot of super-warriors who sacrifice their life for the sake of others. They don’t bother about their life because they live for a particular aim.

Our Corona Warriors topped the list of super-warriors. The frontline soldiers of corona have been honored as Corona Warriors by Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

Amid this life-threatening and unprecedented health crisis, our Corona Warriors are risking their lives to save the nation. But coronavirus is not the only thing the Corona Warriors are dealing with. They are also dealing with stone-pelting, misbehaving and disrespect.

In the past few weeks, many cases of attack on Corona Warriors happened. They get ruthlessly assaulted. Here are some extremely shameful incidents which happened with our Corona Warriors-

Stone-Pelting on Medical Professionals in Indore-

This incident took place on April 1 at That Patti Bakhal area Indore. In this incident, two lady doctors got injured. The team of five health officials was pelted with stones by the local crowd. While they were trying to find the whereabouts of the person who had come into the contact of COVID-19 patient earlier. The health officials were rescued by the police. One of the health official among them in an interview said that when they were enquiring about the particular person’s health, the locals protested and later they started pelting stone on us. They somehow saved their lives by hiding inside the vehicle of Tehsildar. The video of the attack got viral on social media. The social media was shocked to know this shameful incident.

Female Doctor got allegedly Harassed in Surat-

On April 6, the incident took place in the society of Surat. A female doctor serving at Surat Civil Hospital got harassed by her neighbour. The accused man abused the doctor and assaulted physically. The video of which got viral on social media. In the video, the accused man was shouting and abusing to the doctor and telling her to get out of the apartment. The accused even ran towards the doctor and launched a physical assault. All of this happened just because the doctor works in a hospital and is treating coronavirus patients also. Most of the people of her society harassed her just because she was a health care worker and was performing her duty. The Congress member then shared the video on twitter and asked CM to take strict action.


Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) manhandled by villagers in Bareilly-

The incident happened on April 18 in Moradabad Bareilly of UP. A team of Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) was allegedly manhandled by the villagers. The only fault they did that they were performing their job. They went there to verify if any outsider has taken shelter in their village or any coronavirus suspect was staying in the locality. The mob tampered all the records they collected, snatched away their mobile phones and purses. Later after the intervention of the senior residents, they returned their stuff and let them go. Medical Superintendent of Faridpur Community Health Centre Dr Wasid Ali said they had reported the matter to the police and also looking into the necessary actions to be taken.

Stone-pelting on Health Officials in Moradabad-

The incident took place on April 15 in Moradabad Nawabganj of UP. A team of medical staff and doctors was assaulted by a mob in Moradabad’s Nawabganj area. They also did the same fault that they were only performing their duty. They went to take away two suspected cases of COVID-19 in the area. The mob pelted stones on them. The stones also hurled on the police van who came to rescue the medical staff and doctors. They also badly damaged the ambulance too. Some medical staff got injured.

Attack on ASHA workers in Bengaluru-

Yet another incident of attack on Corona Warriors took place on April 2 in Sadiq layout area, Bengaluru. A group of Asha workers (Accredited Social Health Activist) were assaulted. They were deputed to collect data on people who have coronavirus symptoms. The ASHA workers were deployed by the Karnataka government. They were conducting a door-to-door survey in localities and were collecting data on people having cough, cold and fever symptoms. The mob of 100 people assaulted them and snatched their phones. One of the ASHA workers in an interview said that locals come out of their house and caught them. They told the locals that they are here for work but they started shouting on us and snatched our phones and purse so we could not call anyone. Police rushed to the spot and rescued the workers.

Locals scuffled with medical staff in Bengaluru-

Another attack on Corona Warriors took place in the locality of Padarayanapura in Bengaluru on April 20. This happened when BBMP medical staff with a police contingent tried to shift 20 persons who were primary and secondary contacts of 12 persons who tested positive for the coronavirus. They got into a verbal argument and shouted that they won’t go to quarantine. The maniac mob broke barricades which were put to block entry into the hot spot locality. They damaged the chairs and tent set up for health workers and policemen. The video of which got viral on social media. The police made the list of 100 people and arrested them.

Jamaat workers misbehaved with health officials in Delhi-

The incident is of 31st March in Tughlakabad, a total of 167 attendees were shifted to the quarantine centres set up on the railway property in Tughlakabad. After being evacuated from the Nizamuddin Markaz, the Tablighi Jamaat headquarters in south Delhi which has emerged as a COVID-19 hotspot. After the attendees were accommodated in the facility”At the quarantine centres, they misbehaved with the staff and even raised the unnecessary food demands. They even spit at the doctors and those attending to them and refused to stop roaming around the quarantine facilities. Officials also claimed during the shifting of the attendees they even spat on the road. This is not the only case where Jamaat members misbehaved with the medical staffs. Most of the Jamaat members found across the nation is misbehaving with the medical staff. They are harassing nurses, roaming nude in the quarantine centres and some stone-pelting cases have also emerged with the time.


Humanity is above all the things. The Corona Warriors are saving the lives of thousands of people. They are working day and night to heal them. But some public has become a maniac. 

The person who saves a life is considered to be a god, but some stupids do not believe the same. They believe that virus is created by their god and since they pray to their god nothing will happen to them. This kind of myth is making the whole nation suffer.

The real question arises, Do Corona Warriors deserve this kind of behaviour from the public? Why Corona Warriors are tolerating this kind of nuisance across the nation? What are they going to get? For what good reason they should sacrifice their life in serving these stupid peoples around the nation?

What if one day our Corona Warriors lost their patience and told us that they will no more serve the nation?
If this happened the whole of India will get converted into a death field. No god will be able to save you. Because even god help those who help themselves. But in India, the people who are helping are getting harassed. The staff who is taking care of the patients are hurled by stones and ruthlessly assaulted.

Some of the famous personalities have quoted about Humanity-

“The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.”

― Leo Tolstoy

“The best way to find you is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

“There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed.”

― Woodrow Wilson

The above quotes of humanity are not relevant in this current scenario. Some stupids showed the world how Humanity fades with time. Do stupid public even know that Corona Warriors are not even going back to their family. They are living alone. Some are living in hospitals only. They wear PPe’s uncomfortable kits in this summertime for 24 hours. Some are not even getting proper foods. They are tolerating all these difficulties just for the sake of the nation. Some Corona Warriors are even getting infected while treating the infected patients. They deserve a ton of respect.

It’s not like that the proper action is not taken against the accused. But the legal action is not the only thing which will change the attitude of stupid people. The suffering from which the Corona Warriors are going through deserves some strict action to be taken across the nation.

Not only the healthcare workers, police is also doing a commendable jobs. They are even tolerating the nuisance of the stupid people. They are getting injured while saving others. Also the water and electricity which we are still getting amid the crisis is beacuse of the fact that warriors are on their duty. The workers of the essesntial sectors are honestly performing their duties to make the things easy for the people of nation.