Good health and well being is one of the important goals of SDG 2030. If we see in a broader perspective a lot of work has already been done to achieve this goal. In fact UNDP states that there are lot of progress has been seen is decreasing deaths of infants and maternal mortality rates have also come down. The deaths due to HIV and malaria have halved.

But in a latest report presented by Business Insider, Hans Hoogeveen, permanent representative of the Kingdom of Netherlands to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization said that, We are not going to achieve the goals by next decade.”

He was talking on 43rd session of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Rome.

Reasons for lagging behind

Good health depends on many parameters like climate, environment, healthy food habits, healthy behavioral habits and lot more. But in current scenario, things have become unpredictable.

  • The climate is changing drastically. Global warming is creating such weather conditions, which health is unable to cope up with.
  • Though we are getting control on the diseases which used to call epidemic like malaria and HIV, but there are new viruses which keeps on attacking people. Latest we can see the Coronavirus, which is taking life’s toll everywhere in the world.
  • Sanitation, clean water, healthy food is also an area of concern. People are still eating junk food and food full of pesticides. These are affecting the health badly.
  • Pollution is playing its own part to affect the health. Data says that people are dying due to harmful particles present in air.
  • Mental health is also very important, but in this stressful life, most of educated people are suffering from depression and other mental issues.
  • Even women face mental and physical health problems due to the abuse they have to face in their life.