Indian diplomat Vidisha Maitra has been elected to the United Nation’s Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ). Maitra’s election to the post was confirmed by India’s permanent representative to the UN, TS Tirumurthy in a video clip posted on Twitter. In the Group of Asia-Pacific States, Maitra, First Secretary in India’s Permanent Mission to the UN, obtained 126 votes. The 193-member General Assembly appoints members of the Advisory Committee. Members are selected on the basis of broad geographical representation, personal qualifications and experience.

Ms Maitra was one of two nominated candidates from the Group of Asia-Pacific States. In the group, Ali Mohammed Faeq Al-Dabag of Iraq drew 64 votes. The Fifth Committee of the General Assembly, which deals with administrative and budgetary issues, recommended Ms Maitra to the Assembly for a three-year term beginning January 1, 2021.

Speaking on the occasion, Tirumurti said: “I am pleased to announce that India’s candidate, Vidisha Maitra has been elected today to UN committee of ACABQ, in a strong display of support by the UN member states. I want to extend my gratitude to all member states who have supported us in this crucial election and reposed faith in our candidate. India has a stellar record of bringing professional auditing experience to the UN and contributing outstanding professionals to UN bodies. Moreover, with India’s rising obligations in both assist as well as voluntary contributions to the UN, we take the responsibility of administrative and budgetary management of the UN’s functioning very seriously,” he added.

Who is Vidisha Maitra?

Maitra is a career diplomat with the Indian Foreign Service and currently, she is posted in New York as the First Secretary in Permanent Mission of India to the UN. In the past 11 years, she has also served in various other capacities in New York, Paris, Port Louis and New Delhi. The Indian diplomat also holds extensive work experience in strategic policy planning & research, formulation & implementation of development assistance & infrastructure projects, defence acquisition matters, international taxation issues, investment and trade promotion.


UN’s ACABQ is a subsidiary organ of the General Assembly which consists of 16 members. These members are appointed by the Assembly in their individual capacity. Four major functions of this committee are mentioned below-

  • Examine and report on the et submitted by the Secretary-General to the General Assembly
  • Advise General Assembly on any administrative and budgetary matters
  • Examine administrative budgets of the specialized agencies and proposals for financial arrangements on behalf of the General Assembly
  • Consider and report to the General Assembly on the auditors’ reports on the accounts of the United Nations and of the specialized agencies.